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3:24 AM, Nov 13th (UTC)


Celebrating 10 Years of Artemis Fowl Confidential

Celebrating 10 Years of Artemis Fowl Confidential
We began life as a small, pokey fan-site, made up of people who shared a huge love and respect for the ‘Artemis Fowl’ book series. I never would have imagined that 10 years on, we were the hive of the Artemis Fowl/Eoin Colfer fandom, generating sometimes hundreds-of-thousands of visits a month, with thousands of subscribers, likers and followers.
To celebrate, we have some great stuff planned for the next week. Tomorrow, you’ll be getting the first part of our two-part Eoin Colfer video interview, where we’ll find out about some of Eoin’s future projects, as well as some tidbits on the Fowl future (and maybe even a slight development on the Artemis movie!) We have got interviews from Andrew Donkin & Giovanni Rigano, as well as some other things!

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