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3:24 AM, Nov 13th (UTC)


graphic novel

There seems to be a lot of interest in, and confusion about, the graphic novel. What exactly it is- the format- is it any good- etc. So I will try to answer some of these questions. The graphic novel is basically a full length comic version of the first book. Though 'comic' doesn't really do it justice- this is a hundred and twenty pages of sumptuous artwork that sticks very faithfully to the original story. The book was adapted by me and Andrew Donkin a veteran comic author who has worked on Batman among others, and the artwork is by Giovanni Rigano, an Italian artist I have admired since his work on The Incredibles. Giovanni has created a spectacular world with spectacular characters- some are similar to how I imagined them and the rest are better. It is a strange thing to see my imagination rendered in colour- but I think Gio has done an amazing job. As a lifelong comic fan, I can't wait to hold the volume in my hands. Some of you are worried about quality. Don't be. The Artemis Fowl graphic novel will stand proud beside any work of art on the bookshelves. I know you think that I have to say all of this- but it's true.


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