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3:24 AM, Nov 13th (UTC)


Hello Posters

Is posters the correct name- or bloggers? Bloggers sounds familiar. Anyway, it seems that a lot of you are young writers looking for a little advice. It is a difficult thing to give- as I see myself as still a beginner. I think the main thing is to read as much as you can- which everyone seems to be doing anyway. It sounds like a kung fu cliché- but you have to try and find your own voice- don't try to be like anyone else- sometimes that unavoidably happens- but you shouldn't set out to write the next Discworld or the next LOTR. Find a little something original and build on it.I am working on Artemis 6 at the moment- no title yet. I am trying to tie up a lot of loose ends in this one- why Artemis is the way he is. Holly's past. Mulch's behind. A few new characters but mostly old ones. So far we have visited Finland, Ireland and Morocco. So a nice mix there.More news when I have some.


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