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8:50 PM, Nov 5th (UTC)


Vote for Imaginary Fred

Vote for Imaginary Fred
...For President!

Well, no not really but the Irish Book Awards are now open for voting.

"As you might know Oliver Jeffers and I made a book together called Imaginary Fred, and we have now been shortlisted for a real award. If you have any affection in your heart for either of us, or even sympathy will do, please click or paste the link below into your browser of choice and cast a vote if you liked the book. And if you have any social media minions, we would appreciate their support too.

And as if that wasn’t enough, I edited an anthology about the wonder of Ireland called Once Upon A Place, and that too has been shortlisted. It would be heartbreaking to lose 2 awards so I would appreciate a vote for that one also and it will not hurt Oliver’s chances (different category)."

And remember a vote for Fred is a vote for imaginary friends everywhere!



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